What Is London musk?
London musk is a profound perfume shop which is an official UK distributor of Oudh AL Anfar. London musk from its inception has been preeminently working to ensure high quality products for our valuable customers. We, as a customer oriented organization, value what our customer needs. We try to offer products that are of high standard, so that our customers are satisfied. The perfumes we offer are of the best quality and we source them from premium consortiums, so they are of international standard. It’s important to note that all our products are halal and we try to sell halal perfumes and halal attars.
Are perfumes encouraged in Islam?
Use of perfumes is highly encouraged in Islam. Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) loved perfume and encouraged it. It is recommended to use perfume when going to gatherings of people, particularly to the mosque, and most particularly for Friday prayers and for the Eid prayers, as authentically established from the Messenger of Allah.
Are these perfumes Halal ?
We need to talk at length about the issue of perfumes that are said to contain cologne or alcohol. If the percentage of alcohol is very little, we say that it does not matter, and a person may use them without any concern, such as if the alcohol content is 5% or less. This does not matter.
If the percentage of alcohol is very high, so that you can detect it, then it is better not to use it except where it is necessary, such as for sterilizing wounds and the like.
In cases where it is not necessary, it is better not to use it, but we do not say that it is haram. The most we can say is that this high alcohol content is an intoxicant, and no doubt consuming intoxicants is haram according to the texts of Islam and the consensus of the scholars, but is using it in ways other than drinking it permissible? This is open to speculation, but to be on the safe side we should not use it. If you say that it is open to speculation because Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “O you who believe! Intoxicants, gambling, al-ansaab [animals that are sacrificed on stone altars for idols], and al-azlaam [arrows for seeking luck or decision], are an abomination of Shaytaan’s handiwork. So avoid (strictly all) that (abomination) in order that you may be successful. Shaytaan wants only to excite enmity and hatred between you with intoxicants and gambling, and hinder you from the remembrance of Allaah and from al-salaah (the prayer). So will you not then abstain?” [al-Ma’idah 5:90-91], then we look at the general meaning of the phrase So avoid (strictly all) that (abomination), and say that alcohol should be avoided in all cases, whether it is drunk or applied to the skin, or used in some other way. If we look at the reason why, Allaah says, “Shaytaan wants only to excite enmity and hatred between you with intoxicants and gambling, and hinder you from the remembrance of Allaah and from al-salaah (the prayer). So will you not then abstain?” We may understand this to mean that only drinking it is forbidden, because applying it to the skin does not lead to that (enmity and hatred, etc.). So, in conclusion, we say that if the percentange of alcohol in this perfume is low, there is no need to worry about using it, but if it is high, then it is better to avoid it unless it is for a need, such as sterilizing wounds and the like.
So, according to Islam Q&A, it is halal.
Can men go out in public wearing perfume or is it forbidden like women?
The Prophet (PBUH) used to like perfume. He used to wear it when going out. People would even know that he passed somewhere by smelling his perfume in that place. So, it is lawful for the man to wear perfume anytime and anywhere except when he is in the state of Ihram during Hajj or Umrah.
What is the ruling on praying in clothes that are perfumed with alcohol-based fragrances?
According to a portion of scholars/ schools of thought, there is nothing wrong with using alcohol-based perfumes ( Alcohol Denat) on the body and on clothes, and that does not affect the validity of the prayer.
Are they ethical products?
Yes, they are.
Forgot Your Password?
If you forgot your password or want to reset it, log in to your account from this Link then follow the instructions from the website. If you still need help, please contact customer service on +447940 435546 or +44 2033 021319 and one of our advisors will assist you to solve the issue.
How Can I Order Online?
To order online from our website: Go to Londonmusk.com. Browse our page and choose your product. Add them to the shopping bag by pressing the button ADD TO BAG , then follow the instructions from the website. We can also process your order over the telephone. Just call us on +44 7940 435546 or +44 2033 021319 , so we can assist you.
I Do Not Have A Paypal Account. Can I Pay By Card?
Yes, you can pay by card.
Do You Ship Abroad? International Shipping?
Yes, we provide a fast worldwide delivery.
When Will My Order Be Dispatched?
Typically the next day. If the order has been placed before 11am then it is most likely that the product will be dispatched on the same day.
Can My Billing Information And My Shipping Information Be Different?
Yes, your Billing address and Shipping Address may be different. Our website allows you the ability to ship to a different address.
What Currencies Do You Accept?
We accept British Pounds, Euro and Dollar (The payment gateway deals with the currency, therefore we accept any foreign currency). We also have paypal payment and there you will have the option to pay by cards or by paypal. It is your choice now! Choose the payment you feel comfortable with. It is 100% secured.
What Can I Do If Something Is Wrong With My Order?
If you have any problems or enquiries regarding an order you can email customer service at info@londonmusk.com or simply call us on +44 7940 435546 or +44 2033 021319.
Can I Return Or Exchange An Item Ordered?
Yes, you can for valid reasons. If the parcel is dispatched you will have to wait and receive the parcel.You will have to return the parcel by your own cost. We may deduct the delivery and transfer charge from the net amount. For more queries, email us at info@londonmusk.com or call us at +447940 435546 or +44 2033 021319.
Can I Cancel My Order?
Yes, you can for valid reasons. For more detail please call us at +447940 435546 or +44 2033 021319.
Do I Need To Register On The Website?
It’s not necessary for you to create an account as you can make an online purchase without an account. However, we do recommend our customers to create an account because they can keep records, follow up and check the status of their orders on their own when necessary.
How Do I Create An Account?
Click on this Link to create your account and fill up the form with required information.
Are they vegetarian?
Yes, all of our musk are vegetarian.
Are they Vegan?
We've selected items which are suitable for Vegans.
Do you use any child labour for your perfume?
No, according to our manufacturer procedure the items are child labour free.
Do you produce the perfumes/Musk/Attar in the UK?
No, we import from middle eastern suppliers. The world famous traditional perfumes and musk are produced and supplied in the UK.
Do you pack and design in the UK?
Yes, our designer perfume and nodes are packed and mixed in the UK.
Can I drink this perfume?
No, you should not. It may cause lethal problems.
If any children drink Musk or Perfume what would be the damage?
It may cause a bellyache and temporary breathing problems. Contact your GP immediately
What is Alcohol Denat?
“Alcohol denat” or denatured alcohol is ethanol mixed with additives to form an inconsumable mixture. Furthermore, it is a common ingredient in many hygienic and cleaning items, like toothpaste, window cleaner, deodorant, etc. Alcohol denat is not manufactured for an unlawful use. In fact, its many uses are a benefit and advantage to people.
Are perfumes toxic?
Most fragrance products contain some type of alcohol, usually ethanol – the same type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages. Fragrance products typically contain a blend of water-soluble components and essential oils. The alcohol is needed to help everything mix in the product. Once the fragrance is on the skin, the alcohol and water evaporate leaving the pleasant-smelling essential oil behind.
How Can I Follow Londonmusk On Social Media?
Yes, definitely you can find us on Social Media Sites. We would love to have you on our social media sites. Our Links : Facebook
Do You Offer Discounts Online?
Do You Offer Discounts Online? Yes, we do run sales, offers, promotions and clearance from time to time. We prefer you register an account to get the updates of our offers.
Do You Have Retail Stores In London?
Yes, We have a retail store in London, it is located at - Chrisp Street Market, 17 Market SquareLondon E14 6AQ, United Kingdom.
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