Oudh Al Anfar’, was established 60 years ago in (Assam) India by founder member Late Mr. Haji Anfar Ali along with his wife Mrs Samsun Nehar Anfar Ali. Both known as mentors in Agar wood and Dehn al Oudh. Mr. Mushtaque Anfar Ali being their son got comprehensively educated and trained with the Oudh and Fragrance trade by his parents’ close guidance and succeeded in 1995 to penetrate into the Arabian Peninsula in all the GCC markets, to flourish as a major trader with his passion for creating pure fragrance and to serve as per the Arabs taste of Oudh and Dehn Al Oudh. Further ahead, with strong family teamwork and support of his elder brother, Mr. Faroque Anfar Ali in various processes of Oudh finishing and supplies to Far East and Middle Eastern countries, Mr Mushtaque Anfar succeeded in exploring a great demand of quality Agarwood from various parts of India, Middle East, Far East countries. Owing to the increasing demand in the Middle East markets for ‘Oudh Al Anfar’ products, our visionary, Chairman Mr. Mushtaque Anfar Ali planned to establish a base in UAE and successfully ventured into setting up multiple chain of retail showrooms across GCC countries. With the inception of the Retail chain in the Middle East and all GCC countries, Mr. Shabbir Anfar Ali launched a staggering perfume, ‘Silver Spray’ and created a blast in the Middle East as an introduction of Oudh Al Anfar in Retail. Followed by the launch of perfume ‘Mukhallat Al Badar’ in 2006, Oudh Al Anfar has set a benchmark in the world of perfumes with its marvelous fragrance notes which made the brand globally popular. As of today, Oudh Al Anfar caters INDIA, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, SAUDI ARABIA, BAHRAIN, OMAN, KUWAIT, QATAR, MALAYSIA, HONGKONG, THAILAND, SINGAPORE, UNITED KINGDOM, AFRICA and some parts of ASIAN market with 25 and above retail outlets showcasing a huge variety of enchanting perfume products with its advanced technological and best artistic knowledgeable, manufacturing unit in the United Arab Emirates. Oudh Al Anfar now serves its ever increasing clientele with a mission of providing its best professional services in supplying purest fragrances globally.

Why Oud ?

You will get one of the best arabian oud uk from London Musk. Oud Al Anfar is one of the famous perfume for men and women both..

Oud al Anfar is too much suitable for special occasions. It gives people such sensual and rick feel. London musk is offering oud al anfar at an affordable price and you can visit the shop and website for more details.

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Oud Al Anfar is so famous

Oud Al Anfar is one of the popular fragrance used by the most arabian people. Not only Arabian people but people who loves pure fragrance can use oud perfume for men called oud al anfar. Oud al anfar is found on Islamic shop located in London. London Musk is official distributor of oud al anfar.

London Musk is situated in Lodnon and you can find out halal perfumes here. Oud al anfar is one of the fragrances you can buy and have pleasant time. It will improve your mindset and also will motivate you. Not only arabs but people from all over the world are fond of arabic perfume.

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